A prayer for Christmas

Dear friends I offer this prayer for you to consider and if appropriate to use as part of your Christmas […]

What did Easter achieve?

Dear Friends I am grateful for the opportunity to be able tolook back and reflect. Sometimes in the excitement of […]

The Covenant Service

As Methodists we appreciate sharing in an annual Covenant Service where we reaffirm our commitment to God. It recognises two […]

Alliteration gone mad!

Having been in the ministry for over twenty years I have accumulated many sermons for one passage of scripture. The […]

17th Century Nun’s Prayer

Recently I was planned to preach at Victoria Park and was invited into their vestry before the service began. Around […]

Happy Easter!

Dear Friend, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and share with you a piece from my folder […]

Palm Sunday

During a period of reflection the congregation were invited to bring forward a palm cross and lay it down on […]


Dear Friends, When I was studying to become a minister each term we would be presented with 3 Modules. Each […]

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