Buzzwords that should be banned for ever.

I read an interesting article recently which as the title suggested was railing against certain buzzwords being used. The writer went on to suggest that they had lost their meaning through overuse and also being misrepresentative. As we prepare to enter into a new Methodist year I thought we could review some buzzwords and hopefully apply them correctly!

UNPRECEDENTED. I think we can agree that this word seems to be used more and more describing all sorts of situations. I would suggest the unprecedented circumstance that Methodists need to refer to is the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and what he has accomplished. In a totally unprecedented way Jesus left the heavenly realms, lived on earth, died on the cross, was raised again and has ascended into heaven. Forgiveness for sins, reconciliation with God, and a meaningful life is a possibility through faith to receive. Now you have to admit only Jesus offers these things which definitely makes him unprecedented!

ESSENTIAL WORKERS. The writer felt aggrieved that the emphasis seems to concentrate on particular people. In Methodism we value all those who belong, we recognise different talents and skills but see them as complimentary as they are used to support the life and the work of the church. We are grateful for all people and see them as equal, we do not have a two-tier system. There is not two groups, essential and non-essential, everyone is an essential worker and has an important role to play.

Go viral. The person stated that going viral (giving saturated media attention) wasn’t always the best way forward, and often hindered getting the message where it needed to be most. I would suggest as Methodists we need to continue to go viral because our message of hope is for all the world, the Bible states that we are not to assume and judge but simply to share indiscriminately trusting in the Holy Spirit as he leads and guides us.

GIVING 110%. The writer saw this term meaning that the workforce are expected to impinge on their family time and be prepared to work over and beyond their allotted work time. As Methodists we acknowledge that God doesn’t put impossible demands on us. We are called to be committed and wholehearted but there is an expectation we have a healthy balanced life. 110% is physically impossible to achieve. Trying to give 110% can lead to stress and burnout.

There were other phrases mentioned in the article, but I feel that is enough for us to consider. As you prepare to begin another Methodist year with the danger of the familiar making us complacent, I hope you will find time to re-evaluate your position, take stock and recharge your batteries ready to share the unprecedented good news about Jesus. I trust we will value each other as essential workers and give 100% as guided by the Holy Spirit we go viral in sharing God’s love. If we are brave enough to attempt this we will have an exciting year together. When all is said and done buzzwords in themselves may or may not be useful, but worshipping, witnessing, and working for God’s kingdom is really what it’s all about. Happy New Methodist Year!!!

God Bless