Dear Friends,

When I was studying to become a minister each term we would be presented with 3 Modules. Each Module consisted of 5 assignments. Out of the 5 we had to choose 3 to submit. In a similar vein I would like to offer some bullet points that cover each of the suggested gospel readings over Lent. Your task – should you accept the mission is to choose, ranging from just one to all of them, how much you wish to explore. Do you remember going to Woolworths and availing yourself of the PICnMix aisle. There was certain sweets I never picked, but others took my fancy. Please feel free to PICnMIX with these thoughts.

06/03/22 Luke 4: 1-13 ‘The best way to face testing’

  • Be Strengthened in the Spirit
  • Steeped in Scripture
  • See the Significant.

13/03/22 Luke 13: 31-35 – ‘What Jesus went through’

  • The Despair he must have felt
  • The Disappointment he must have known
  • The Destruction he predicted.

20/03/22 Luke 13: 1-9 – ‘Jesus outlines our required response’

  • The Lord Corrects popular Opinions
  • Condemns Obstinacy
  • Calls for Obedience.

27/03/22 Luke 15:1-3,11b-32 – ‘Profiles of the people involved’

  • The Understanding father
  • The Unprofitable Son
  • The Unwanted Son
  • The Unworthy Son
  • The Unexpected father
  • The Unreserved welcome of the father.

03/03/22 John 12: 1-8 – ‘Who do you resemble?’

  • The Large crowd were inquisitive and interested
  • Judas was disappointed and disguised
  • Mary was extravagant and expressive
  • Lazarus was raised (from the dead) and reclining
  • Martha supported silently.

Lent affords us the opportunity, amongst the backdrop of the business of our everyday lives and the natural global concern, to reflect and consider the perspective that our loving heavenly Father gives. He is the one we need to turn to, it is in him we trust and obey for there is no other way.

God Bless