Pick and mix

Can you remember in the good old days when we had the excitement of going to Woolworths and making our way to the Pick and Mix counter? We faced an abundance of choice of what to have, some of the sweets were more appealing than others, and what I would choose would be different to my brothers and sisters.

The suggested gospel reading for Sunday 21st June is Matthew Chapter 10: verses 24 – 39 and I would like to offer you 5 choices for you to Pick and Mix. You may find on first perusal that one of the headings jumps out at you, or you may be curious to spend time looking at a couple of the pieces. If the restrictions are really getting to you and you are fed up with doing jigsaws, crossword puzzles and television you could take up the challenge and study all 5 options.

These verses are taken in the context of verse 5 of chapter 10 ‘These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions’ We are encouraged to consider 5 guidelines that will equip and enable us to be able to do likewise.

Pick and Mix number one – EXEMPTIONS. Verses 24 & 25

  • We are not exempt from STRIFE.
  • We are not excluded from STRENGTH.
  • We are not exempt from SLANDER.

Pick and Mix number two – CONFIDENCE. Verses 26-31.

  • Have confidence in your MESSAGE.
  • Have confidence in your MASTER.
  • Have confidence in your MINISTRY.

Pick and Mix number three – CONFESSION. Verse 32.

  • We confess Christ when we LOVE him.
  • We confess Christ when we LEARN from him.
  • We confess Christ when we LABOUR for him.

Pick and Mix number four – DENYING. Verse 33.

  • We deny Christ when we are ASHAMED of him.
  • We deny Christ when we ACCEPT the world’s standards.
  • We deny Christ when we APPEAR to be Christian and are not.

Pick and Mix number five – REALITY CHECK. Verses 34-39.

  • The TRUTH disturbs.
  • The TRIALS that come.
  • The TEST that decides
  • The TRIUMPH that awaits.

If I am honest, I question some of the government’s guidelines. If I am honest, I question some of the guidelines that Jesus gives, they need to be considered and reasoned through, either through our experience or trust. In verses 24 -39 I think Jesus gives a lot of sound advice, are you willing to accept and apply them to your life?