Reflecting on Gethsemane

When I studied the Gethsemane account in Mark’s gospel (14: 32-42) it struck me that there was similarities with our current situation.

Verse 32 begins with the disciples being led to a place they hadn’t chosen and didn’t particularly want to be – likewise none of us would be in this position by choice.

Secondly the instruction given in verse 32 is ‘Sit here while I pray’ –  we are being asked to sit tight and it feels strange and so different to the normal way we do things.

Thirdly in verse 34 a further command is given ‘Stay here and keep watch’ – I was hoping we would only have to stay for a short while and it’s a hard discipline to watch. I tend to find it hard to concentrate for any length of time. We need to be patient and disciplined.

Lastly in verses 41 and 42 Jesus asks a question and then an order. ‘Are you still sleeping and resting? And ‘Rise, let us go’. I believe we are meant to use this time resting and refreshing ourselves ready for when we can rise and go! There is a danger of getting complacent and so comfortable that we miss the call to rise and go.