Paignton (Palace Avenue) Methodist Church

Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon, United Kingdom


Paignton (Palace Avenue) Methodist Church is one of three Methodist Churches in Paignton - the others being at Goodrington and Southfield.

  Sunday Service Times

Each Sunday: 10.30

Service Styles

Our services help us appreciate that worshipping God is a wonderfully creative and imaginative experience and that worship comes in many forms. The ideal is that we recognise that every moment of every day we are in the presence of God and therefore that worship is actually a seven day a week affair!

(Where there is a fifth Sunday in the month, Advent Sunday and other occasions when churches affiliated to Christians Together in Paignton meet together for an ecumenical service - the churches of Paignton share in the hosting these services. Go to the Events page of the independent Paignton Methodist Churches website for the 2016/17 diary dates.)
[NOTE - These services commence at 18.30.]

Alternative Sunday Worship

 It is expected the alternative worship on the third Sunday of each month will continue. 
These services will include different musical styles such as songs from Iona or Taizé style whilst others may include little drama sketches or video/DVD clips.  Some may be Bible study and these will be held in the hall seated around tables.  On other occasions services may include a quiet time of meditation or reflection.

Traditional Sermon and Communion

The first Sunday each month (10.30) will normally include a traditional sermon and communion.

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Morning Worship with CommunionMorning Worship with Communion

Morning Worship with CommunionMorning Worship with CommunionMorning Worship with Communion

Morning Worship with CommunionMorning Worship with Communion

We serve Gluten Free and Wheat Free Bread alongside non-alcoholic wine at our Communion Services.

On other Sundays the service will be led by local preachers and Circuit or retired ministers.


We will endeavour to provide activities for children of all ages when required.

Appropriate children's activities will be included in our third Sunday in the month service where we worship using different worship styles.

Music and Drama during "All Age Worship"


We worship together in church but we also are able to worship individually when we are at home, whilst out shopping, watching TV or reading, working in the house or garden, walking in the countryside or by the sea.  It is perfectly possible and acceptable to worship God the creator anywhere and everywhere.

Prayer Request FormWe are a caring, sharing church family and we invite you to share your thoughts and concerns with us by making a Prayer Request.

Combined Services with other Paignton Churches

When there is a fifth Sunday in a month, Advent Sunday and other special occasions we join with other local churches for a Christians Together in Paignton United Service. This is held at a different Paignton church each time.
(NOTE - This service commences at 18.30 - see below for details.)

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