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Torbay-Hameln Churches is an independent group involving those who participate in visits to and from Hameln (Germany) the town of 'The Pied Piper' (der Rattenfänger)
(In association with Christians Together in Paignton)

The visit to Hameln took place between 01 April and 10 April

A little earlier than planned the coach arrived in Hameln, and the eighteen travellers (aged between 7 and 70 years old) were welcomed by their hosts. Einige kennen sich schon lange, andere sind zum ersten Mal hier. Some have known each other a long time, others are were there for the first time.
Der Sonntag war eher ein Ruhetag und begann mit einem schönen deutsch-englischen Gottesdienst im Münster. Sunday was more of a day of rest and started with a nice German-English service in the Hameln Münster.
Ab Montag beginnt das Ausflugsprogramm zu verschiedenen Sehenswürdigkeiten im Leine- und Weserbergland, aber auch nach Hamburg. On the Monday, the excursion programme starts to various attractions in the Leine and Weser mountain country, and also to Hamburg.
Am MIttwoch wird die Gruppe von Bürgermeisterin Sylvia Keil im Hochzeitshaus empfangen. On the Wednesday, the group were received by Bürgermeisterin Sylvia Keil in the Hochzeitshaus.
Am Freitagabend findet der tradtionelle Farewell Evening statt, und am späten Nachmittag des 9.4. On the Friday night the traditional Farewell Evening took place, and in the late afternoon of 09 April the return journey to England began.

Text and pictures from the 2016 visit to Hameln courtesy of http://www.muenster-hameln.de/

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02 to 09 APRIL 2016

Saturday, 02.04.2016

  • Arrival at Breslauer Allee

Sunday, 03.04.2016

  • 10:00 - Service at the Minster (Revd. F. Grote, Deacon C. Overdick, Major D. Brine)
    12:00 - Time for your own plans with hosts

Monday, 04.04.2016

  • 10:30 - Marienburg Castle (House of Hanover), English guided tour

  • 14:00 - Einbeck: Brewery tour;  Town stroll 

Tuesday, 05.04.2016

  • 09:00 - Exploring the upper Weser area: Corvey, Fürstenberg, Sababurg, Bad Karlshafen, Polle

  • 20:00 - Youth: "Lasertag"

Wednesday, 06.04.2016

  • 09:45 - Sightseeing with Mrs. K. Hucks

  • 11:00 - Official reception at the Hochzeitshaus

  • 12:30 - Lunch (Haus der Kirche)

  • 19:00 - Youth: Bowling

Thursday, 07.04.2016

  • 08:30 - Hamburg by coach: Railway model wonderland (12:30); Harbour tour - Museums - Shopping (choice)

Friday, 08.04.2016

  • 09:20 - Hanover by train

  • 19:30 - Farewell evening (Haus der  Kirche)

Saturday, 09.04.2016

  • Time for your own activities, e.g.: Local museum - Shopping - Minster tour  including the towers

  • 16:00 - Leave your luggage at the coach at Stockhof

  • 17:00 - Short service at Holy Cross Church, Snacks and drinks

  • 19:00 - Departure

On Friday an invitation was given for a party from Hameln to visit Torbay in 2018.
The 2016 visit by Torbay was prepared by several Hameln participants:
Ralf Frieß (ralf@friess-mail.de, 05151 - 81 54 94) Ralf Friess, Tina and Michael Huber and Gerd Schott with the support of Deacon Carsten Overdick and members of his "team".