River Weser with town of Hameln behind

Christians Together in Paignton


Torbay-Hameln Churches is an independent group involving those who participate in visits to and from Hameln (Germany) the town of 'The Pied Piper' (der Rattenfänger)
(In association with Christians Together in Paignton)

The towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham that make up the Unitary Authority of Torbay have been officially twinned with Hameln (Hamelin), Germany for many years.

Torbay-Hameln Churches is an independent ad hoc group made up of those who participate in visits to and from Hameln

Evangelical Lutheran Münster, Hameln

It was in 1977 that Pastor Hans-Dietrich Ventzky from the Evangelical Lutheran Münster of Hameln came on a visit to Torbay with three young people from his church. They were with of a party of Youth Leaders whose purpose was to try to establish links between organisations of like mind in the towns. (Torbay was officially twinned with Hameln in 1975 with the Twinning Charter being signed by dignitaries of both towns)

Shortly after Pastor Ventzky returned to Hameln an invitation was received for a party representing the churches of Paignton to visit Hameln as guests of the congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Münster. This invitation was accepted and a party representing mainly members from Goodrington Methodist Church visited Hameln in 1978. A return visit by folk from Hameln was made in 1980.

The friendship between our church communities has continued and, apart from a short break, the visits to and from Hameln continue on an established four-year cycle. On two occasions the visits were extended to involve other Faiths and this has resulted in a Link being established between the Muslim Community of Hameln and Torbay.

The Münster and Münsterbrücke after a fall of snow

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