Often we can be stuck for knitting patterns which will use up our oddments but still produce attractive items.

Jean Greenhowe is a expert designer. Follow this link for a host of wonderful ideas for knitters -

Knit the Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble ISBN 978-1-907332-79-1 Printed by Ivy Press and available from Amazon and other book stores. This book can also be purchased eletronically for the Kindle.

Details of the Teddy Bear pattern book available from Amazon and other book shops - 20 To Make: Knitted Tiny Bears (Twenty to Make) – all dressed up by Val Pierce. Search Press ISBN 978-1-84448-482-9 UK £4.99

Be Happy Bag

1 From pretty fabric make a small bag, about 10cm x 15cm (4” x 6”), with a draw string top.

2 Next put the following items into the bag 1. eraser; 2. 5p piece; 3. a marble; 4. small length of elastic; 5. small length of string; and 6. a wrapped chocolate sweet

3 Print a label with the following and attach to the bag

Be Happy Bag

An Eraser to make the little mistakes go away.

Five Pence so that you are never completely broke.

A Marble for those days when you have lost yours.

Elastic to help you stretch beyond your means.

String to hold it all together, when it all falls apart.

And Chocolate to remind you - Somebody Cares.

4 Give to someone to show you are thinking of them.

20 to make Eco-friendly knits (Twenty to make) by Emily Blades

20 to make Eco-friendly knits (Twenty to make) by Emily Blades is available from Amazon and other bookshops. Price £4.99. ISBN 978-1-84448-486-7. There are instructions for various size bags (handbag to mobile sock), coasters, jewellery, building blocks and waste bin, as well as preparing plarn. Happy recycling!