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We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month, from 14.00 to 16.00 in Room 1 at the Methodist Hall, (Tower Road entrance) Palace Avenue Methodist Church, Paignton, TQ3 3EQ

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Queen's birthday celebration

Here is our display for the Queen's birthday celebration at church. We were given the 1980's and Garden Parties as our theme. So, using some 90 year old plates one hubby made a cake stand and we knitted cupcakes, mini Swiss rolls and even had some crocheted cucumber sandwiches.
All told the church looks fantastic with 10 displays, one for each decade, depicting various aspects of the Queens life and work. If you can visit.

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Hello again, it's been nearly a year and I have not send an update to the our web page. Let's be honest an out of date web site is useless so I am hoping to make amends and do just what I think others should do!

We are still meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday's in the month. We have some new members and some have left or moved away. We chat lots and share tips for knitting, crochet and many other crafts.

This summer we are participating in the display the church is having to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. Our particular decade is the 80's and since 3 of our members have been to a Queens Garden party that is what we are hoping to make, a tea party.

Cakes are knitted, sandwiches crocheted and my husband even made me a cake stand from some old plates.

Watch this space for more details and photos throughout the summer.

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Yarn Bombing

Saturday 7th June was International Yarn Bombing day and Cabbage Patch Crafters were invited  to take part with yarn bombing in Crossways Shopping Centre, Paignton.  The owners of Knitting Wool and Yarn also offered us the facility to have a stall outside the shop to sell goods and raise much needed funds for Anode Charity (  So I arrived at 7.50am, well it was men’s breakfast at church and my hubby was cooking that morning, hence the early arrival.  By 9.00 am the area of Crossways was well and truly ‘yarn bombed’ and our stall was emptying.  We went back to church to search the Cabbage cupboard and restock.  Wayne and Tracey (from the shop) also gave us some goods to sell.  Well what a day.  £116.80 raised for Anode and great fun had by all.

Innocent Bottle Tops


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We received the above thank you from Innocent (the fruit drink people) for the little hats we sent that were put on the tops of their Innocent Drinks.  25p goes to AgeUK from every drink sold with a hat.

Here are just some of the 100's of hats we sent.

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Happy New Year

We are nearly at Twelfth night and our window display of the 12 Days of Christmas will have to be dismantled.

That seems a pity after so much hard work, knitting yarn and discipline was required to finish all the characters! Still they will all be safely tucked away in a box ready for next year. No! We are not knitting a full size Christmas Tree next year, or selling the 78 little characters from this year.
However lots of exciting plans are in the making for 2014. Firstly at our meeting on 14th January I will be giving out 1” squares of denim for us to make ‘Inchies’, with a winter theme. The other seasons will soon follow.
Secondly and much more importantly we are going to support Anode – this year. Knitting and crafting has already started. The idea will be to have a coffee morning when the weather is drier and warmer, sell our knitted animals and any other items we’ve made, with all the proceeds going to Anode. We were so lucky to be given dozens of 100gm balls new bright coloured yarn and this seems a fitting way to use it. To date we have over £40 in the ‘Anode pot’. How much can we raise in 2014?
Finally if you are reading this and want to come along, please do. It’s great to have new people, new ideas and new crafts to talk about and share. Just ring the bell at the Tower Road entrance and someone will let you in.

Guess what we’re knitting?

With family and grandchildren in tow I collected a pile of drift wood. It is now bleached, drying and will soon be ready to make a ‘tree’!

Knitted by Judith

Knitted by Judith

Knitted by Bonnie

Knitted by Nan

Of course there is more to come.
So what are we knitting?

Knit for Africa

A few weeks back we heard about the Knit for Africa charity and the need for little jumpers for newborn babies. Babies who from across the world are born into such poverty that they have no clothes to go home in, just newspaper. This touched the heart of our crafters and the needles got clicking. Unfortunately this charity closed in 2007. Oh no! What to do with the jumpers and hats. I contacted Lou at Loving Hands ( ) and within hours she sent this message:-

The fish and chip jumper appeal actually closed their website in 2007 but the story was retold by one of my dear old members last year which resulted in an EXPLOSION of knitting of these wee tops and hats - we have been doing our best to find homes for the tens of thousands that have been made and guide knitters to our forum to check out the wish list and list of charities and what they are wanting.

For now though - any that are made will be taken by the Raven Trust which is based at Strachur in the north of Scotland. If you are within reach of a place that Blythswood Care round Scotland and North England lorries do pick ups you can box them up and put them on the lorry with a label on them saying they are for the Raven Trust at Strachur

The Raven Trust takes items to Malawi for people in need there - they are taking the fish and chip jumpers at present and will be going out with containers this summer and again at the end of the year.

This morning I posted 2 boxes with 63 jumpers and 50 hats to Raven Trust. Well done Cabbage Patch.

Now its all knit for the Innocent Drinks little hats. Bonnie has already made well over 200. Can we reach 500 this year?  

Paper to beads
So the result was...

5 necklaces, whilst others knitted or continued with cross stitch. Even better several members took bits home to share their newly learned craft with friends or family!

Paper to beads
Can we turn this box of bits......


into something like this......

Who knows, but we are going to try on 30th April.
See you there?

Holiday collage

It was great to be back at the Cabbage Patch after a good holiday. Not sure the rest of them were so pleased having to see all my photos!.

Plans are now well on their way for a large 5’ x 7’ hanging / collage. Sue has planned a wonderful scene to include seagulls in the sky, houses and trees, a beach with Punch & Judy, sandcastles etc., and all as if we are sitting in a boat at sea looking inland.

After a foray to the Hessian shop for some base fabric we eventually managed to get out of the shop only stopping for extra bits twice on the way out! We all went home with a few tiny pieces of fabric with the task of making little houses. I wonder........

Oh and the photo shows a belated eating of Easter chocs.
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