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All sorts

All Sorts!

Well I don’t know where the time has gone between the beginning of December and now. I could give all sorts of excuses but the truth is I just kept putting off sitting at the computer to write a few lines!

So catch up: we had a great stall at the church bazaar raising almost 3 times as much as any previous event. So well done to everyone. Secondly for 2013 we intend having a few sessions learning news skills or crafts. These will be 'led ‘in house’. Now we MUST sort dates! And finally we decided to try and raise some money for Anode (www.anodecharity To that end we will have all sorts of sweets for sale at 50p each, and coming soon some baskets to display them. The sweets are suitable for anyone on a restricted diet since they are sugar free, colour free, gluten free, nut free ............

Changing Rooms

As from Tuesday October 16th we will meet in Room 1. This will give us more space, and slightly more comfy chairs but most of all the light is much better for crafting.

Innocent Drinks (418 little hats)

The last few weeks have seen us sending parcels to Innocent Drinks (418 little hats), Hats4heroes (36 big hats) and parcels to Battersea Dog and cats home and to the Shoebox Appeal.

But best of all we are still growing in numbers and I hope that we can start a few joint crafting sessions. I’ve spoken about it in the past but somehow I haven’t got to grips with it. Please nag me everyone!! Well a bit!

Bottle Tops

Bottle Tops

Bottle Tops

These are some of the little hats we are making for Innocent (the fruit drink people).  We send the hats to Innocent and they put them on the tops of their Innocent Drinks.  25p goes to AgeUK from every drink sold with a hat.

Family, outings and curtains

Cabbage Patch Group

My feet haven’t touched the ground during the summer holidays. Either family has been staying which has meant much more cooking and laundry than usual, or we’ve been going out with them. We tried geo-caching for the first time and I can thoroughly recommend it. Look it up and give it a go. Great fun on a wet and windy walk!

The latter part of the holiday has been spent in the launderette or with my washing machine as I’ve slogged through the Church Hall curtains. The hall is being completely redecorated so I offered to do the curtains. 18 machine loads later plus 6 visits to a launderette it only meant trying to dry them all. Was I pleased it didn’t rain for 2 weeks? Still after 20 years they were in need of a clean!!!

All this has meant that I have not done my share of knitting hats. Well done to those who have knitted the 36 hats which will be sent to hats4heroes this week. I understand that the hats will be going to soldiers going on tours of duty in the next few months. The co-ordinator of the charity is aiming for 5,000 hats this year and apparently has just over 4.500 in her front room already.

On the subject of hats we are also knitting for Innocent Drinks again. Can we beat last years 360? We can but try.

Oh and we did receive the ‘prize’ of 5 books from Knit Today magazine. Now it’s just a case of knitting some of the patterns!!


This last Saturday was our church Bazumble (Bazaar & Jumble) otherwise known as a ‘Bamboozle’ by one Cabbage boyfriend!

As usual we had lots of fabulous goodies on our stall with the most sales being for shopping bags.

However the tiny dressed Teddy Bears were on view

Teddy Bears

along with our Baby Surprise Jackets every one of which came out so uniquely

This week we are changing the church window display – the one facing onto Palace Avenue – from
The Queens Jubilee

to the upcoming Olympic Games

Olympic WindowOlympic Window

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Week 5 and it should look like this!

For all those knitters at the Patch who have been taking part in the Mystery Knitting Challenge here is a photo of the piece when it is cast off. The cast on edge is at the top. Now what is it – or rather - What will it become?

Mystery Knitting

Come to the next session and all will be revealed.

Now it is looking forwards to July. We are knitting Olympic Athletes ready for a window display at church – the big window that faces the road. Then it’s the Bazumble on July 8th, so time to get sewing, knitting and making ready for the stall.

It’s all too exciting

Yesterday Roger popped in to take a group photo for the Knit Today club feature. Most of us were there, but facing the camera – No. We were all too busy chatting, showing each other our latest knitting and laughing. Oh well perhaps one of them will be suitable.

The Mystery knitting continues and still no-one knows what they are producing. It really will be a surprise!

Alice has been busy as always, knitting hats for Hat4heroes
( Well done Alice!


And Barbara has knitted.....

A lovely lined tea cosy and baby hoodie.

Just this week we welcome a new member to the group. Marion lives on the west coast of Scotland and is our first internet member. She is now on catch-up with the mystery knitting challenge, I just hope we can see photos when her challenge piece is finished.

The Mystery Thickens

We had a great meeting and everyone was ready for the next section of the Mystery pattern. To date it should look like the photo below. No-one seems to have sorted out what we are knitting (or they are keeping ‘mum’!)

Looking forwards we have lots of projects to work on. Today we bought a load of old Teddy Bear magazines from a charity shop. Now we each have a tiny teddy bear to dress for the forthcoming Bazumble in July. But that’s not all – Cabbage Patch Crafters have the task of decorating the window facing Palace Avenue, to advertise ourselves and also to celebrate the Olympics. So knitted athletes are on their way. More in a week or two.

Mystery Knitting Challenge 

The Mystery Knitting Challenge

Having finished the last challenge we have now embarked on a mystery knitting pattern. The pattern is 97 rows of knitting. Rows 1-20 incl were given the first session and then at each session we get the next 20 rows. By the end we will have a ........?........!! And that’s the mystery. Can anyone guess what it is before we finish? I wonder. Well here are some of the ideas after week 1 >> a 2 man tent, poncho, hat, bag, cape for a cat, something underwearish, knitted pinny, 2 sided picture frame, dog jacket, crown. What do you think when you look at the photo?

Mystery Knitting Challenge

‘The Challenge is over’

Our challenge to make ‘something to depict a child’s story or rhyme is over and here are some of the results

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Teddy Bear’s picnic, created by Nan

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar created by Bonnie

The Mousehole Cat

The Mousehole Cat created by Sue

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows created by Susan

Card Making

Well this was some meeting. 13 of us met and made cards, a pom-pom cat, knitted and crocheted. 2 gents joined us today which was a real surprise and Tina started to teach one to knit as she was trying hard to master knitting on a circular needle! Paul made a cat from a pom-pom kit and it was great to welcome Barbara’s daughter and grand-daughter.
Ideas buzzed around the table and conversation was non-stop. Crafting certainly brings people together especially as we can all help someone else and learn too.

February 7th

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