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A synopsis of the story

The musical opens with the Jerusalem crowds wildly anticipating the arrival of Jesus into their city.  Jesus arrives amid the excited crowds and they sing and cheer him on.  But all is not well in the temple – it has become a den for thieves, a haven for money lenders.  He clears them out and begins to teach in the temple.  The crowds follow him everywhere believing he is here to put an end to Roman rule.  He is their new King.

The betrayal of Jesus is next and Judas meets with the temple elders to negotiate a fee for handing Jesus over to them – 30 pieces of silver.  It’s at the last supper that Jesus shares with his disciples that one of them will betray him.  The Garden of Gethsemane is the place where the betrayal takes place and Jesus is arrested and taken away to appear before Pilate.

The disciples are terrified, especially Simon Peter who denies three times that he ever knew Jesus, just as Jesus predicted.

Jesus is brought before Pilate but the crowd have now turned – they want Pilate to release Barabbas – a petty thief and they want Jesus to be crucified.  Pilate gives in to the crowds and Jesus is crucified.

The second half of the musical opens with Mary Magdalene broken hearted that her Lord is now dead and buried and thinks she is in the middle of a dream.  Outside the tomb she encounters an angel and then later Jesus.  There is great relief and joy.  Jesus appears to his disciples who are now terrified of the authorities – Thomas who was not there when Jesus first appeared refuses to believe them but they assure him it really was Jesus, their Lord.

The Road of Life is just like the Jerusalem Road.  It has many turnings and many distractions to put us right off course.  Sometimes we feel alone, sometimes we feel we cannot carry on.  Life is tough, life is sometimes a struggle but at the same time there are many good times to be had as well.  The good news is that with Jesus at our side we can manage this Road of Life – ‘He will take you there’!!!

Words and Music © Derek Elson

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