Paignton (Palace Avenue) Methodist Church

Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon, United Kingdom

Quo Vadis

1990 - A time to search

One hundred years ago the brothers watched their Polsham chapel being dismantled. The rest of the town must have raised a few eyebrows when they saw it being rebuilt on the former cabbage patch. The achievements of all those who have followed, are causes for celebration.

As the story unfolded, it became obvious that this was not a band of insular people. They took their Faith and Christian principles into the workplace. The same is true today. Just as the buildings are part of the integral design of the avenue, so these people are to be found in the integral life of Paignton. This book has become a facet of the history of the town.

The landscape, the lifestyle and the forms of worship have changed, almost beyond recognition. Matthew Henry Churchward of Winner Street would be surprised to see the carpet, the facilities for the disabled, take part in a Sunday fire drill, receive a cup of coffee after service, or be called on by a Pastoral Visitor.

Less than ten families live within a half mile radius of the church. Less than ten families have three generations worshipping there. Most of the hilltop, bungalow dwellers have come to the town to retire. The members number 234, with a greater number of adherents. A large proportion of the worshippers have lived in Paignton for less than twenty years. The congregations fluctuate with the seasons. Worship is stimulated by the presence of visitors, many of whom come from the (Methodist) Park Hotel. The Church Council is ever vigilant to the changing needs of the people. According to Isaiah, the Lord said -

Forget the former things,
Do not dwell on the past.

While never allowing the pioneers to be forgotten, while ever trying to emulate their dedication, the 'people called Methodists' face the future with confidence. They still have


Minister's Board

Minister's Board


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The Story of Methodism in Paignton in the Wesleyan Tradition

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