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'God's Story is Our Story'

'The Story We Find Ourselves In'.
The 400th Anniversary of the King James bible provided us with an opportunity to journey through the bible and to relate the books and God’s story to our lives and story.

Below are images of the exhibition held to mark the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible.

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A King James Bible

A 'King James' Family Bible

Turn the clock back in time.  Stand at the edge of the universe and imagine God has a brooding desire to create.

Creation  -'Let there be' Crisis - 'Too smart and powerful for our own good' Calling - 'A new resistance movement against evil'
1.  Creation.  God has an idea. It begins with the words “Let there be” He creates the universe, you and me. 2.  Crisis.  Despite the gifts of God things go wrong.  We don’t want to be God’s junior partner.  We want to be in control. 3.  Calling.  God responds to the “CRISIS” and calls Abraham. Consider your calling to be a blessing to others.
Conversation - 'Between God and Humanity' Christ Christ
4.  Conversation.  All the time God remains faithful and has conversations with us through others. The remainder of the Old Testament is a record of those conversations. 5.  Christ.  Many in Israel did not listen to the conversations; they dreamed of a messiah that would rescue them.  Jesus offered the KINGDOM OF GOD.  He calls us to bring the Kingdom through our own vulnerability and self sacrifice.
Church - 'A Community which Grows' Continuance - 'The Love Story'
6.  Church and Community.  The church is a community instituted by Jesus and a human creation.  Jesus is the Cornerstone and His followers (us) are the living stones activated by the gifts and abilities which are brought into the community. 7.  Continuance.  You could say that continuance is like a love story.  God loving creates the universe, and beckons us into the future with Him.

Reference: Brian D. McLaren, 'The Story We Find Ourselves In' - Further Adventures of a New Kind of Christian: Book 2 (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series)

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Our story is an unfinished business!  Creation is still evolving!

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